Aug 7 / 2019
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katy micallef
Posted by: Katy Micallef

[WATCH] The road to self sovereignty is paved with games – Caty Tedman

An exclusive interview with Caty Tedman

Caty Tedman, Head of partnerships and marketing at Dapper Labs speaks about the difficulties of blockchain adoption.

“We’ve seen Cryptokitties open up a new audience of blockchain consumers. We talk to a lot of people who say that they weren’t interested in currency trading but were interested in the technology and just didn’t have a way to get into it. Cryptokitties gave them a way to go in and  see how blockchain tech will work in a way that doesn’t just have to do with currency.

“The kitties themselves are not currency, they are non-fungible tokens, they’re each unique and not interchangeable directly, so it’s been a great proof of concept for people who were interested in blockchain tech but weren’t sure how to get involved.

“The number one positive change we think blockchain will bring to the world is self sovereignty where you have the ability to control many more things in your digital life than you did in the past. In order to adopt the tech and be able to do things like bank in a blockchain space or provide services that are rooted in blockchain you have to come into our environment and learn about the technology. So we think the road to self sovereignty is paved with games.”

Watch the full interview below:

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