Jan 13 / 2021

[WATCH] Diaman Partners’ CEO Daniele Bernardi on flipping the traditional banking system |AIBC Pitch

AIBC Pitch is delighted to introduce Daniele BernardiCEO of Diaman Partners, a FinTech management company that are disrupting the traditional financial market distribution model 

AIBC Pitch serves as a platform to highlight emerging tech across Europe by providing a free booth to the 100 most ground-breaking startups at AIBC Summit’s April 2021 show. On the day, 10 finalists will get the chance to pitch their ideas on stage to our savvy investors, for the opportunity to win a unique pack of services designed to catapult their business into the forefront  

Diaman Partner’s CEO Daniele Bernardi caught up with AIBC Pitch to discuss everything about the company and their ambitions for the future.  

What does Diaman Partners do? 

Diaman Partners AIBC Pitch
Diaman Partners: The team

The Malta based company, who create efficient and userfriendly software in the financial sphere, were founded back in 2018 in bid to disrupt the traditional financial system where the bank is the most important player.  

Bernardi, providing a summary of Diaman Partnerscommented 

“We are a world tech company that develop a digital platform for manager accounts and also, we manage a hedge fund in crypto assets”. 

Additionally, he dives into the company’s strategy stating: 

Daniele Bernardi AIBC Pitch
Daniele Bernardi’s Diaman Partners is shaking up the traditional financial sphere

“Through a financial planning platform, we select the best solution for the client, which is completely independent. There are a lot of different strategies from different companies, not only our companySo, the advisor, who is independent and not related to the bank, provides the best service to the client – so we changed the business model”. 

Moreover, when discussing the impact Diaman Parners’ software provides to the industry, Bernardi commented: 

we create an open platform, called openPHInance, which is a digital platform where asset managers can manage the money of the clients in one place with a really high performance platform”. 

Diaman Partners’ position in the market 

According to the CEO, what differentiates Diaman Partners from other competitors trying to navigate this new field is: 

AIBC Pitch Diaman Partners' CEO Daniele Bernardi
Diaman Partners‘ CEO Daniele Bernardi

usually, competitors create a Robo-Advisor where they sell their own manage account, their own strategy, we decided to create a platform to compare this manager to allow the investor to choose the best strategy and collect them in a portfolio – bringing the best strategies together”. 

Furthermore, Bernardi stressed the importance of the client for Daiman Partners stating: 

the financial industry has the bank, the financial advisor that pushes the product of the bank to the clients, and the client receives this push and has to purchase some product that most of the time isn’t right for him. We completely changed this flow, putting the clients in the top, because they are the most important, and we understand his needs”. 

What’s in store for Diaman Partners?

When discussing where Bernardi would like to be in three years’ timethe CEO stated: 

I would like to go public in the stock market, this is our plan, and I hope that we will be able to achieve this”. 

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