Aug 23 / 2018
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Posted by: Abdelkrim Krid

Untraceable Inc. announces new speakers

Canada’s first blockchain and cryptocurrency event and marketing agency, Untraceable Inc., has announced additional speakers and details for its inaugural blockchain event, Blockchain Futurist Conference. The event is taking place in August 15-16, 2018, Toronto, Canada. The conference has updated its illustrious lineup of speakers to include:

  • Larry King, renowned American TV host and GEAR Blockchain board member
  • Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, Inc.
  • Anthony Di Iorio, Ethereum co-founder and CEO & founder of Decentral and Jaxx
  • Stan Bharti, Chairman of Forbes & Manhattan and GEAR Blockchain board member
  • Michael Perklin, Chief Information Security Officer of Shapeshift
  • Steven Nerayoff, CEO & founder of Alchemist
  • David Wachsman, CEO & founder of Wachsman

Tracy Leparulo, CEO and Founder of Untraceable and organizer of the conference, commented: “We’re less than a month away from the start of the conference, and we’re excited to attract some of the most exciting players within the crypto and blockchain space together under one roof to explore the bright future ahead for blockchain. It’s important to us to inspire the community, break down silos, and showcase all of the ways that the community can use and engage with cryptocurrencies. We want to bring blockchain enthusiasts together to challenge and learn from each other.”

malta blockchain summit Untraceable Inc. announces new speakers
The Blockchain Futurist Conference is taking place in August 15-16, 2018, Toronto, Canada.

As a proper crypto-immersive event, the conference will motivate and initiate the use of cryptocurrency in both ticket sales and interactions during the conference. For those who would like to buy their conference passes using cryptocurrency, Untraceable will be offering a significant discount. Onsite, vendors and sponsors plan to promote the use of crypto throughout the conference, in order to expose the participants to a crypto-friendly environment.

Leparulo, renowned for producing large-scale, high-quality blockchain events such as POLYCON18, the world-first Ethereum Hackathon, and the world-first Securities Token Conference, added: “It’s a very exciting time to be in the blockchain space, with many of the most innovative and highly-regarded projects hailing out of Canada. However, we must move beyond just the ideation phase of blockchain and start using the technology in our everyday lives and discover its strengths and weaknesses. Every aspect of Blockchain Futurist Conference was designed for the community in mind. With its blockchain-friendly regulation and thriving startup community, Toronto is the best place for us to explore the technology and have fruitful discussions.”

Attendees will receive $20 in BTC, be able to purchase BTC through zero-fee bitcoin ATMs, and participate in live airdrops courtesy of select event partners and sponsors. At the conference, there will be official crypto merchandise from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency merchandise will be available for purchase courtesy of Moreover, Bunz, an online trading platform for local communities, will sponsor an airdrop of its own token, BTZ, for use in a marketplace that will feature over 20 local vendors. Participants will be able to use BTZ to buy goods like snacks and coffee on-site, allowing them to experience and use crypto as a form of payment first-hand.

As well as attending the show, The Malta Blockchain Summit will be giving out free passes to anyone wishing to catch the conference.

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