Nov 12 / 2019
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Unilever uses AI to evaluate job interviews

The company stated to be saving up to 100,000 hours of interviewing time thanks to this technology

Unilever has claimed to be using AI to assess job interviews. They are using software from the American company HireVue, that scans and analyses both language use and facial expressions from the interviewee. The system is reported to be saving almost $1 million a year in recruitment costs.

The British company joins others such as Vodafone and Singapore Airlines, that already used similar recruitment methods based on automated decision making.

HireVue claims that the result is a fairer selection of candidates which has led to a more ethnically balanced and gender diverse workforce. However questions have been raised concerning instances where Artificial Intelligence systems have been connected to unfair decision making.

Unilever defended itself from the public accusations – asserting that video interviews were not mandatory and that candidates were previously informed. They were also handed the option to instead speak with a “talent adviser” if they felt more comfortable that way, and had the possibility to disallow automated decision making when their video interview was going to be evaluated.

Director of Economy at The RSA, Asheem Singh.

The public opinion is generally not in favour of AI over human workforce for these kind of tasks. According to a poll by the Royal Society of Arts, around 60% of the survey respondents were opposed to artificial intelligence making decisions on recruitment. Lack of general knowledge about the benefits that a rapid-growing technology such as AI in society often make people fear it.

“New technologies are being adopted at a rapid pace, and regulators and the public are struggling to keep up. An increasing amount of decision making – in public services, the job market and healthcare – is taking place via opaque processes” said Asheem Singh, Director of Economy at The RSA.

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