Feb 8 / 2019
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Posted by: Surya Maneesh

Turing Labs works with Quality Council of India

Turing Labs is putting India on the global blockchain map with its array of services

India’s banking ban on cryptocurrencies has not deterred the country’s developers from making rapid strides in blockchain development. Turing Labs, a company of early adopters and technology enthusiasts, has recently got a contract for a Blockchain solution for the Quality Council of India (QCI), an Indian Central Government council which controls five boards, to verify the authenticity of laboratory certificates.

Quality Council India

The QCI is the chief governmental authority responsible the driving adoption and adherence to quality standards in all important spheres of activities including education, healthcare, environmental protection, governance, social sectors, infrastructure sector and other areas of organised activities in India. Turing Labs’ blockchain solution will enable the QCI to verify the authenticity of laboratory certificates, and thus, keep a check on false certificates.

“The ability to verify the authenticity of lab certificates can help eliminate adulteration in materials across whereas industries, especially the food sector. This is a major challenge that the industry has been grappling with for a long time, but with blockchain-powered document verification, the government, along with the community, can move towards better quality and standards across industries,” says Divyahish Jindal, the CEO of Turing Labs.

Turing Labs is also involved in developing several other notable projects. Presently, it is working on a Blockchain-based Hospital Information System for a Dubai-based hospital group, a Blockchain and AI-based premium content consumption platform for one of the biggest media companies in India, and a Blockchain & AI-powered Trade finance solution for one of the largest banks in Africa.

“We are very excited about the game-changing possibilities that blockchain technology presents, and our goal is to drive the implementation of the technology in India and across the world in a manner which benefits every individual and the community as a whole,” says Parag Arora, Co-Founder of Turing Labs.

Turing Labs offers a range of services to businesses who are looking at adopting blockchain-powered solutions. Token Launcher is Turing Labs’ end-to-end technology solution for launching Security Token Offerings (STOs). Turing Safe is an arm dedicated to security auditing of cryptocurrency exchanges, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s),STO’s, and blockchain applications. Turing Exchange is a white labelled Crypto-to-Crypto, Crypto-to-Fiat, OTC, P2P exchange solution from the company. Turing Labs also offers Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) for various industries such as Healthcare, Education, Trade Finance, Insurance, Supply Chain, etc.

The company was previously involved in the development of a fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange for a Swiss company, a crypto-fiat exchange for a UAE-based company, and a Stellar-based solution for an Australian healthcare company.

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