Nov 1 / 2018
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The Malta Blockchain Summit kicks off

As Bitcoin hit its landmark 10-year anniversary, the Malta Blockchain Summit went to town with a celebratory bang.

After the extravagant blockchain awards ceremony last night, all eyes now look to the actual expo, which is set to exhibit some of the most exciting blockchain projects of this age. High profile figures like Sophia – the robot that could bring about the AI singularity – is expected to join her creator in a fireside chat during the summit. Venture capitalists and social media entrepreneurs, the Winklevoss twins, will also grace us with their presence – perhaps a Bitcoin market prediction is in order!

Remarkably, the flagship cryptocurrency just celebrated two landmark achievements – its 10-year run without ever having its open-source blockchain network compromised – and its 360th day of maintaining a price point above $6,000.

This alludes to a prevalent market sentiment that speaks to a phase of consolidation prior to another directional move, which data compiled by Bloomberg and other sources suggest. Incidentally, the grand opening of the Malta Blockchain Summit coincided with a modest BTC pump, which also weighed into the altcoin market. Did we just get the ball rolling? Possibly.

Needless to say, things are becoming more thought-provoking on every front. The Blockchain island has already welcomed Binance and OKex to its shores, which are two of the biggest exchanges on earth. Undoubtedly, more is to come, and the hard-working staff of the Malta Blockchain Summit are here to facilitate that transition.

Future generations will look back at these early days with deep respect and admiration the same way today’s investors look back at the 1848 gold rush, and technologists look at the inception of the internet.

All we can say is: Watch this space.

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