Mar 1 / 2019
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Posted by: Jools Moore

SingularityNET announces the birth of decentralized AI

SingularityNET announces the launch of the main net Beta version of the platform on the Ethereum Network

Blockchain A.I. platform SingularityNET has launched a beta version of its Ethereum-based decentralized marketplace.

Following an ICO in 2017, the company raised $36million and now has partnerships with more than 20 companies and institutions, including the government of Malta and UNESCO.

Ben Goertzel, CEO and chief scientist at SingularityNET, commented, “As the AI economy matures and expands, the demand for a democratic and decentralized AI infrastructure is becoming increasingly clear, as is the need within businesses across the spectrum for AI tools with a greater variety of focus and generalization capabilities.”

Ben Goetzel, CEO and chief scientist

When the SingularityNET Foundation shared its vision of democratizing AI in late 2017, a community came together to make this vision a reality. Since then, the foundation has emphasized that democratic governance is an essential aspect of a network’s decentralization.

SingularityNET commented, “We procured the services of Solidified, which is the world’s largest audit platform for smart contracts and have now had our code audited and approved.  We believe that the global mind cloud that will emerge with the rise of AI should not be owned and governed by any single entity. With this launch of the world’s first decentralized network of AI on the Ethereum Network, we mark the birth of decentralized artificial intelligence.”

By enabling anyone to access and utilize AI services from anywhere, and by unleashing the creativity of AI developers from all over the world, SingularityNET sets out to be the bedrock upon which the powers of AI will be democratized.

The company has created this blockchain-driven AI marketplace for individuals, small businesses and government agencies to find and purchase algorithms that had previously only been available to Silicon Valley companies.  Marketplace services will include image and emotion recognition services, object detection and speech-recognition, with others to be added as the marketplace grows.

SingularityNET added it’s belief is that AI will likely contribute more than $15 trillion to the global economy by 2030.



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