Aug 23 / 2018
Posted by: Abdelkrim Krid

Roberta Metsola to formulate EU Blockchain strategy

Roberta Metsola, a member of the European Parliament for Malta and Gozo, has been selected to represent the EPP in formulating their position on an EU strategy for Blockchain within the Committee of Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs.

Ms Metsola commented on the need to provide a balanced position, ensuring the necessary safeguards are in place without compromising the potential for economic growth. She concluded with an assurance to stakeholders that her door will always remain open for discussion, saying she had already met with Maltese and European blockchain representatives.

“I am grateful to the EPP for choosing me as their representative on the Committee for this crucial dossier. It is an enormous responsibility and one that will help shape EU policy in this regard. Our main objective is to see how to harness all the potential for economic growth that FinTech has to offer while ensuring that this is balanced with all the necessary safeguards that must be implemented in order to prevent abuse of the system and continue to build confidence in the process” said MEP Metsola.

MEP Metsola added “We want to move from vision to reality and ensure that the European regulatory and institutional ecosystem that exists is sufficiently adaptable and robust to be able to embrace these new models, generate new jobs, and create new economic spheres of activity that will benefit everyone. I have already met with and listened to a number of Maltese and European stakeholders active in the industry on this issue and have listened to their concerns and ideas. I will continue to keep in close contact throughout this process and my door will always remain open for discussions as the negotiations continue. We know what is at stake and we are determined to get this right.”

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