Feb 11 / 2019
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President Trump backs U.S A.I funding

President Trump to sign an order boosting resources for A.I

President Trump  will sign an executive order later today allocating resources to boost U.S. A.I, a move which will require federal agencies to share data with A.I experts.

AI blockchain summit President Trump backs U.S A.I funding
President Trump to sign an order boosting resources for A.I.

The executive order, titled Accelerating America’s Leadership in Artificial Intelligence, will direct federal agencies to dedicate money and manpower towards researching and developing artificial intelligence while making government data available to the technology developers.

“This initiative will devote the full resources of the federal government to develop AI,” a senior administration official told reporters on Sunday evening.

Two of the executive order’s five pillars focus on the most prominent ethical concerns surrounding artificial intelligence – the displacement of human workers and the lack of an official set of standards regulating the development of these sensitive technologies.

One of the order’s pillars directs the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop a set of national standards for creating “reliable, robust, trustworthy, secure, portable, and interoperable AI systems.” It also asks federal agencies to establish their own guidelines for cultivating AI.

“What we can do is come together as a White House … to provide high-level guidance to the agencies to give them at least a roadmap to use as they think about the issues that you’ve discussed, including ethics,” an administration official said, responding to a question about the privacy concerns around using government data.

Another section of the order asks agencies to prioritise “fellowship and training programs” that would help workers become more AI-savvy, a move aimed at alleviating fears that A.I could displace U.S workers. The initiative will also look into creating A.I that improve weather models when it comes to predicting storms and hurricanes.

Trump is expected to sign multiple executive orders in the coming weeks on quantum technology, including the development of 5G.

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