Oct 25 / 2019
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Posted by: Surya Maneesh

Malta’s AIBC Summit leads the pack

The worldwide success of the AIBC Summit helps blockchain’s unstoppable growth

by Sophie Crouzet

As Malta consolidates its position as the blockchain island, the contributions of the Malta AIBC summit to business and emerging technology become ever more important. We are working towards developing and steering these conversations by offering experts on deep tech, entrepreneurs, young minds and academics a platform where they can share their knowledge on a global stage.

Indeed, technology is moving faster than ever before – and so we are moving with it. Two main Summits in Malta in 2019, several road shows internationally (New York, Tel Aviv, Tanzania etc..), our Manila Summit announced for June 7/8th 2020 – the coming months are set to be years of exceptional achievement and progress for the AIBC Summit.

Earlier this year, the Spring edition of the summit aimed to be a stepping stone for the next big show – and it turned out to be a massive success despite a seemingly fragile market which could have gone either way. We decided to swim against the tide and focus on moving beyond the hype, while also helping to build real world value in this exciting new space. Clearly, stakeholders in both blockchain and deep tech agreed with us as they exchanged ideas and discussed opportunities with nearly 6,000 attendees.

Similarly, the Winder edition of the AIBC summit is setting itself up to be very promising, with industry thought leaders like Anthony Pompliano, Akon, Yorick Wilks, Bobby Lee and a plethora of equally worthy minds set to grace the stage this fall. The base formula remains the same: quality content focusing on emerging technology, opportunities and challenges coupled with a buzzing expo floor interspersed with lavish and casual networking events to facilitate business in and around these spheres.

Naturally, it goes without saying that the Maltese government is working around the clock to reaffirm its commitment to becoming the Blockchain Island and the deep tech hub in Europe as it launches several digitally innovative projects to lead the development highway. To name a couple of examples, the government’s initiatives to put both educational certificates and Malta-registered property on the blockchain, as well as the government’s efforts to support business and cyber security via the Malta AI task force speak to Malta’s determination to continue to lead the way.

Embedded within these initiatives is the steadfast idea to be the first to regulate and push compelling innovation to the forefront of these diverse industries. Our drill-down content

will be covered via our workshops, which among other things will focus on quantum technology, cyber security, AI & BC for education as well as healthcare. The idea

is to build a space for academia, business and entrepreneurial minds to flourish and intermingle as we work to close the knowledge gap between all three sectors.

On the flip side, the main-stage is set to feature high level content and ground-breaking ideas which reflect the reality on the international stage as we shine a light on the latest news, trends and disruptive tech like decentralised governance, digital identity, blockchain in the space industry, web 3.0, edge computing and so forth.

Deep tech and innovation requires significant investment and has a major economic and social impact. This global approach is set to be echoed at the summit as investors and VC’s from Asia and the US save the dates for the Malta AIBC summit Winter edition. Both our networking events and content strategy reflect this move in a bid to jumpstart our already highly popular startup initiatives, where we push the entrepreneurial ecosystem by offering 100 innovative start-ups a free exhibitor’s booth at the summit.

All the while, we’re also working on the Manila AIBC summit of next year, where we translate our expectations of continued growth in the Asian market into action. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, medical technology, as well as venture capital building will be a big focus, complimenting developments in the Asian landscape.

This multinational approach speaks to the size and scope of the summit and the government’s perspective, both of which have demonstrated their commitment to pushing the envelope and leading the pack time and again. Indeed, the future is bright, and we’re more than happy to light the way.

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