Aug 12 / 2019
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Malta AI taskforce publish AI framework

Malta Ethical AI Framework document now open to public consultation

Following the publication of the Malta Ethical AI Framework document on Friday, the government have now opened a period of public consultation of the AI framework. Lawyers, programmers, ethicists and other stakeholders will have one month to peruse the document and offer their feedback.

The Malta Ethical AI Framework document sets out the guiding principles and requirements which will serve as the basis for AI-related projects in Malta.

The document was drafted by the Malta.AI taskforce. It is based on four key principles:

  • A human-centric approach;
  • Respect for all the applicable laws and regulations, human rights and democratic values;
  • Benefit maximisation and risk minimisation and prevention;
  • Alignment with emerging international standards and norms around AI ethics.
aibc  Malta AI taskforce publish AI framework
Silvio Schembri, Parliamentary Secretary.

In a statement, the government said that the document was consistent with emerging international standards.

Innovation Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri encouraged the public to offer their thoughts, saying:

“Having a framework on ethical and trustworthy AI is crucial as this will serve as guidance in the creation of trustworthy AI projects but most importantly it will play a crucial part in instilling trust amongst the public.”

Such solid foundations would eventually lead to the certification of AI related projects, Mr Schembri said.

A public consultation period for the framework document will end on September 6.

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