Aug 23 / 2018
Posted by: Abdelkrim Krid

Intelliblock launches TEROS – the world’s first aml-ready turnkey ICO platform

Intelliblock Ltd, the Malta-based premier blockchain solutions provider for the European market, is launching TEROSTM – the first turn-key ICO platform in the world which is Anti–Money Laundering (AML) and regulation ready, independently certified, secure and scalable. TEROS’ key offering will revolutionise the industry by reducing the turnaround of any ICO  to just a few days, effectively making it more cost-effective than any other solution available on the market.


James Catania, Intelliblock’s CEO, said: “TEROS will handle the most crucial functions of thr Token Generation Event (TGE) by offering a whole suite of in-built functionality. The strength of TEROS lies in its flexibility making it a perfect fit for any ICO. TEROS is managed by a suite of smart contracts which are publicly available for scrutiny and independently audited, automating the entire TGE process without human intervention ensuring reliability and security for both the client and the buyers.”


TEROS is ERC20 compatible and deploys publicly scrutinised and third party audited smart contracts to coordinate automatically the whole ICO process.  Being AML and regulation ready means that Know Your Customer (KYC), Document Verification and proof of funds functions are at the core of TEROS, providing confidence and safety for both the ICO and the buyers.  TEROS allows organisations to participate in ICO’s by providing corporate accounts with corporate level KYC, AML and verification.


TEROS’s Smart Contract Engine manages all fund collection, token distributions, max cap limit watch, bounty, affiliates, KYC, AML, document verification, refunds on PEP and high-risk investors. Furthermore, TEROS can handle fully configurable ICO’s, private pre-sale agreements, unlimited ICO goals, bounties, affiliates, unlimited discount rates and unlimited release dates. TEROS is fully scalable and its hybrid cloud framework ensures that it can handle even the biggest loads ensuring no loss in revenue from down-time.


“TEROS is set to become an industry standard ICO platform providing a seal of credibility and increase the chance of success to any ICO.  The user accounts are central to TEROS, any account holder can participate in any ICO running on TEROS without the need to re-register or go through KYC again. Our smart contract overseer ensures that KYC remains up-to-date in-line with regulation,” explained Mr Catania.


Levying the wealth of experience and state-of-the-art infrastructure provided by Intelliblock, backed by Malta’s willingness for blockchain adoption, TEROS will continue expanding to include other crypto currencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoincash and NEO. Plans are already in motion to completely securitise the platform thereby allowing token sales of securities, whilst also exploring the possibility of publishing ICO on WAVES and NEO platforms by Q1 of 2019.


For more information about TEROSTM and other offerings at Intelliblock Co. Ltd, one may visit and

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