Oct 3 / 2019
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katy micallef
Posted by: Katy Micallef

How to become a Crypto Nomad

The top 5 traits Crypto Nomads possess

Cryptocurrency creates a unique opportunity – the ability to travel through the world while generating an income. They often make money through a combination of digital currency investments and consulting.

Many countries around the world allow payment with cryptocurrencies, so the Nomads can spend their money abroad without worrying about exchange rates. In addition, this select group of innovative thinkers can make money from a phone, tablet or computer so they can work from almost anywhere.

A Crypto Nomad career can be amazing, but pursuing it isn’t for everyone. Success is rare for a reason – it takes a special person to travel the world while making money within a cutthroat industry. Here are the top 5 traits needed:

1. Independence

Crypto Nomads are a rare breed. Their career path isn’t well-trodden; therefore, they forge their own path by doing things their way.

Nomads must show up every day and work hard with little external guidance. They must be self-reliant in order to succeed.

2. Openness

There are many ways to “skin a cat” in the world of digital currency, so being open to new ideas, is a must. The only thing guaranteed within both travel and cryptocurrency is “expect the unknown.” Anyone who’s stuck in their ways won’t succeed.

An example of this trait is choosing to purchase SIM cards so you don’t have to rely on often spotty wi-fi while they travel. Working from SMS is different than having a stable wi-fi connection, but learning how to adapt to different work conditions is vital for success.

3. Work-life balance

With travel and independence comes innumerable opportunities to slack off. Work-life balance can be difficult when there’s adventure everywhere you look.

The best Crypto Nomads understand that there’s a temptation to slack off so they stick to a strict work schedule. They create a dichotomy between work and play so they can enjoy their travels while succeeding within the digital currency industry.

4. Emotional stability

Cryptocurrency goes up and down. While digital currency will likely be around for the foreseeable future, pursuing Crypto as a career can be stressful. Emotional stability is required to balance the trials of living in a different country combined with a capricious market.

Successful Crypto Nomads must “roll with the punches” and remain stoic in order to succeed. They also must face the ups and downs that occur when travelling and exploring on a regular basis.

5. Passion and tenacity

Cryptocurrency is a competitive industry. Success requires saying up to date with new information and watching the market meticulously. Successful Crypto Nomads are passionate about what they do because it requires long hours of hard work. People just looking to make a quick buck will quickly burn out. Travelling successfully also requires passion. It’s often extremely chaotic and uncomfortable so those that aren’t passionate will quickly want to head home.

Anyone interested in becoming a Crypto Nomad should want it from the bottom of their soul. There will be many times when things get really difficult and quitting is tempting. Only those who are truly passionate about their path will persist when things inevitably get hard and chaotic.

A unique path

Sure, there’s a lot of glamour to travelling the world and being involved with a modern, compelling career. But, at the end of the day, being a Crypto Nomad isn’t an easy path. It takes a special kind of person to succeed in this career.

If you possess these traits, you are a rare breed. You have the opportunity to follow a unique, iconoclastic path that will put food on the table, give you new experiences, and most importantly, provide joy and meaning in your life.

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