Oct 16 / 2018
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katy micallef
Posted by: Katy Micallef

HATS off to CFX – CryptoFXForinvest

Marco Mottana and Fabrizio Crimi will be launching CFX – CryptoFXForinvest at the upcoming Malta Blockchain Summit. MBS caught up with them to find out more.

malta blockchain summit HATS off to CFX - CryptoFXForinvest
Fabrizio Crimi.

They may not be considered “new kids on the block” for age reasons, even though – despite over 30 years of experience in financial and web markets – both Marco Mottana and Fabrizio Crimi have the same energy, spirit and enthusiasm of the youngest people in the blockchain world. Marco launched Technical Analysis in Italy, 1987, with his friend and class mate Virgilio Degiovanni. From there on he became one of the most credible analysts,  not only in his country, but internationally.

At Malta Blockchain Summit Marco and Fabrizio are launching CFX – CryptoFXForinvest, an advanced software company creating highly-sophisticated Trading Systems for wealth management. It makes its mark through the creation and introduction of the very first Sentiment Indicator on blockchain for the investment market, as well as the first fund created to help the poorest people in the world.

What’s the reason for CFX?

Investors want a better return on investment with a minimum of added risk. The solution is to have investment funds managed in the most professional and advanced way. CFX has developed a unique solution for this.

malta blockchain summit HATS off to CFX - CryptoFXForinvest
Marco Mottana.

How does It work?

CFX has created an advanced trading system software named HATS – Highly Advanced Trading System. It is based on technical analysis, quantitative analysis, and Artificial Intelligence. This allows superior returns on money management, in terms of risk/reward ratio.

How shall it be launched?

CFX has decided to be one of the first blockchain companies to launch Security Tokens under MFSA control. We feel they guarantee investors much better and we agreed with main experts that forecast these will create an impressive industry in the next few years.

What are your road map next steps?

Technically, we’ll have our Sentiment Index on blockchain ready by June 2019. The  other Trading Systems are already active. Financially, we are soon going to close the very favourable private sale and present Prospectus to MFSA to obtain approval for STO.

What will allow STO?

The possibility to organise the very first Solidarity Fund called “Everybody Fund”. It will have all kind of clientele, including many from the poorest countries in the world. We’ll let them have a quote to invest in our Fund through special agreements with peer-to-peer landing companies. Our fund will guarantee initial capital, borrowed from lenders, and will distribute the result to its beneficiary each month.  We know that for many people the possibility to have 50 or 100$ per month can change their life.

Your vision on blockchain future?

We use the same word from which blockchain is born: disrupt. This technology completely changes the world we know. It transforms it in a much better way. This is not something that will require a couple of years: be ready to have patience. We see the first important results no less than 5 years from now, and maybe more. But by then everything will really start to change and the entire world will enter a new era. We’re glad to be here!

Check out our latest videos below:
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