Apr 18 / 2019
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katy micallef
Posted by: Katy Micallef

Get familiar with Crypto Mining and transactions

Why cryptocurrencies are set to become the next big thing

The advancement overtime of cryptocurrencies has shown us that innovation is man’s second nature. As the world leans towards full digitisation, these digital currencies are appearing to be establishing their presence in every sector across the globe.

However, they have not been without their fair share of troubles. In fact, they keep facing criticisms and crackdowns every day. Nonetheless, more and more individuals and institutions open new wallets and invest in crypto projects, making their future bright.

This tells us that cryptocurrencies and crypto transactions could take over from the current payment methods in the future and become a preferred option for many businesses and individuals.

In this article, we will present a few reasons why we believe cryptocurrencies are set to become a big thing in the near future.

Crypto transactions will revolutionise the payment markets

The payments market is remarkably one of the most progressive markets globally, and part of this is due to the presence of traditional payment options such as PayPal and MasterCard. The rise of cryptocurrencies, however, brought to this world the promise of improving the industry.

By introducing the concept of decentralisation to a market dominated by centralised players, crypto transactions are set to revolutionise this space. Decentralisation gives users the ability to make their choices without being subject to a body of authority.

The power of tamper-proof and seamless operation

The presence of crypto transactions also gives the space the power of tamper-proof and seamless transactions through the introduction of a public ledger. Here, transactions are transparent to any interested party, and because data can only be added to a blockchain network and cannot be changed, crypto transactions are looking to be a good solution to combat fraud and chargebacks.

Crypto Mining is one way to earn through cryptocurrencies

The peculiarity of crypto mining is that it adds transactions to a blockchain system and generates new coins for circulation.

For cryptocurrencies with the PoW protocol, miners are required to validate a transaction through solving a series of mathematical puzzle. The first miner to accomplish this task will be rewarded with a specific amount of the mined crypto coin.

The hash power (or computational power) of a single miner is usually not enough to solve this algorithm. This is why miners join pools to combine their hash powers. Once the puzzle is solved, the transactions are verified, and new coins are generated.

To find other useful information on crypto transactions, mining, and cryptocurrencies check out Bitcoinfy’s infographic that follows: https://bitcoinfy.net/crypto-transactions-and-mining/

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