Aug 28 / 2018
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katy micallef
Posted by: Katy Micallef

First local crypto podcast launches on Blockchain Island

The first local crypto podcast, My Blockchain Island has aired. The newly launched podcast is hosted by Carla Maree Vella, VC and Brand Ambassador at the Malta Blockchain Summit and features inaguaral guest Anthony David Gatt, from Malta Enterprise, also a confirmed speaker at the regulatory conference of the summit.

The podcaster, Carla Maree Vella, has a strong history in startups, entrepreneurship, funding and operational management. She is the former CEO of Optimizer Invest, a family office VC based in Malta and was responsible for managing 24 portfolio companies with a value of over €1bn. Carla is now also a Partner at Growth Chain Ventures, a Malta-based VC firm investing in early-stage startups with an exclusive focus on blockchain projects.

The first episode of her podcast offers valuable advice and support to start-ups, with discussion focusing on the key advantages Malta as a blockchain island has to offer, particularly the three newly introduced pieces of legislation – and as Anthony says, “the knowledge that you are going to a jurisdiction that is embracing of blockchain as a technology.” Also discussed are financial incentives for start-ups, the inner workings of the taxation regime, and R&D assistance.

One of the incentives offered by Malta Enterprise is startup finance. This loan, which is repayable over a period of 10 years, is described by Anthony as comprising of three pillars. The first offers matching share capital up to €200k, however it does require that a solid business plan or white paper is in place.

malta blockchain summit First local crypto podcast launched on Blockchain Island
The first local crypto podcast, Myblockchainisland has aired.

The second is capped at another 200k and can be redeemed as a refund on fixed assets, and finally, the third pillar, a crowd funding approach, which is ideal for pre ICOs companies. This sees Malta Enterprise match the amount raised (up to €100k, through 4 rounds of €25k).

Anthony also speaks about the taxation regime –“for anyone who wants to bring their company to Malta there is one corporate tax band riding onto 35%, however, non resident shareholder have the opportunity to make use of a refund, which will render it to 5%.”

He stresses that this is completely sanctioned by the European Union.

Companies bringing their business here can also fill in an application for Incentive tax credits.

  • Companies with 0-50 employees can redeem up to 30% on the capital expenditure of their company
  • Companies with 50 – 250 employees, can redeem up to 20%
  • Larger companies over 250 can redeem 10%

Other incentives towards employees apply to anyone earning more than 45K annually, entitling them to apply for a personal tax benefit of 15%.

‘What we do as Malta Enterprise is try as much as we can to give an overarching feel of the jurisdiction, the county, the ecosystem, the people, and the companies that are part of the building blocks of this new ecosystem,’

“We’d like to as much as we can, simplify the process of landing in Malta,” says Gatt.

Malta Enterprise is a Government corporation that aims to help established companies that are already established, be they foreign-owned or locally-owned, and to advertise Malta as a business location – including hosting incoming delegations.

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