Nov 12 / 2019
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EzyStayz, set to tap into the potential of blockchain

The company makes it easy to pay and travel using blockchain technology

EzyStayz is the first fully operational Australian-owned global vacation rental platform to move its services to the blockchain. By doing so, Ezystayz will provide hosts and travellers with a cheaper, fairer and safer tool for organising a holiday.

Private crypto-investors will be offered the first release of EzyStayz tokens, for a limited time, with the project backed by some of the world’s most prominent blockchain advisors, collectively raising $405,814,111 USD for past projects.

James Moses, Founder of Ezystayz, said: “EzyStayz expands on the popular AirBnb model but leverages blockchain technology to take things one step further. By embracing cryptocurrency culture, we will be able to position an already successful and profitable home sharing model within a market that has already exceeded US$150 billion.”

EzyStayz’ website.

Launched in 2017, Ezystayz is a fully-operational platform. $1.5mil in private capital investments have been raised to date with funds invested in the development and upgrade of EzyStayz’ architecture and service offering. Currently boasting 44,000 listings in 60 countries, Ezystayz is on track to have well over 100,000 listings by 2020 via partnerships and integrations.

Bookings on the Ezystayz website will generate demand for tokens and payments made on the platform will be locked with smart contracts. Creating a new stream of income with minimal transaction fees for property owners and a source of vacation rentals for travellers that are cheaper than leading competitors. New hosts will also be provided with a fixed amount of tokens when first joining the platform. After a year of active usage of the platform, they will then be able to withdraw them and use to pay the fees.

“We look forward to continuing to implement innovative technology that supports both the sharing economy and expanded tourism. The EzyStayz website is the first building block of a larger exchange that will eventually target businesses and consumers with more strategic B2B tools to tap into the potential of the hospitality sector.” said James Moses.

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