Aug 23 / 2018
Posted by: Abdelkrim Krid

Blockchain meets iGaming in SiGMA conference

SiGMA 2017 featured a vibrant blockchain conference, as the two spheres came together for a very high-level discussion of the emerging tech and its potential implications for iGaming. Malta is the ideal incubator for the iGaming and blockchain spheres to come together. The island already hosts a thriving iGaming scene, and its government rapidly followed up on its declared commitment to effective blockchain regulation as it moved through the legislative process.

malta blockchain summit Blockchain meets iGaming in SiGMA conference
SiGMA 2017

As Malta continues to stake its claim as the ideal point overlap between iGaming and blockchain, SiGMA is the ideal event to focus that convergence – especially since it introduced a blockchain themed conference to shine a light on the enormous potential of the technology when applied to the iGaming industry.

The flagship SiGMA expo in Malta anchors an international event calendar, which in turn underscores a year-round commitment to the global iGaming community.

SiGMA’s events and media keep the industry informed, connected and inspired. All of SiGMA’s platforms are the ideal launch-pad for the key players in iGaming to get things done. All the conferences have drawn praise or the quality of the selected speakers and the content on show.

malta blockchain summit Blockchain meets iGaming in SiGMA conference
SiGMA Pitch 2017

The blockchain-themed conference was a real highlight of the 2017 show, and was attended by the likes of Jon Matonis and the controversial but always topical Dr Craig Wright. The 2018 edition of the SiGMA blockchain conference is expected to draw a great deal of interest as Malta cements itself as a primary iGaming jurisdiction, and continues to be a global pioneer in blockchain. There is no doubt that Malta is the ideal place for the two spheres to meet, and the SiGMA blockchain conference the ideal event to explore the immense possibilities of blockchain applied to iGaming.

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