Nov 9 / 2020
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Posted by: Luke Scerri

[BLOCK] Longenesis: The Pursuit of a Longer Life

The road to the Holy Grail lies in bridging Healthcare with BioTech according to medical technology startup company Longenesis.

Having developed projects from the Middle East, the Baltic and the APAC regions, and the United States, the company intends on using the latest advances in blockchain and data science to develop a decentralized system for utilization of biomedical data, whilst achieving better performance, and prolonging human life. Luke Scerri speaks to Longenesis CTO Emil Syundyukov for the fifth issue of BLOCK magazine, about the recent developments and future plans of the company.

  1. What was the genesis of Longenesis? How did it all start?

We have started Longenesis with the aim to transform the traditional process of biomedical research into a collaborative process worldwide. One of the main drivers of such a transformation is the way we recognize the potential in personalized data, whilst following the privacy and regulatory specifics at all times, to proactively engage individuals in the process of research.  Therefore, we have united the competences in Computer Science and Healthcare, combining academic and industrial backgrounds altogether within our team. Along with the founding team members, we have Insilico Medicine – an industrial and research leader in AI for drug discovery, as well as Bitfury – world’s leading blockchain technology provider company, working with governmental-level projects and creating the ecosystems within the Exonum framework.

The team at Longenesis.
A part of our team in Riga, Latvia, 2020.


  1. Your name aptly captures your grand scope, but how would you describe Longenesis’ vision?

Our vision is very simple – we see ourselves as a toolkit, helping utilize and execute 25-30% of global biomedical research worldwide. It’s an ambitious goal, so we work hard towards reaching it. The company’s tools are already used by clinical centers and the biomedical industry in 10+ countries around the world, one example being the Population Genome initiative in the Middle East.

  1. So what makes your company different?

The majority of the solutions aimed to address the similar challenges are providing a centralized approach towards data storing and structuring, powered by the ingestion of data from multiple centers. Such approaches, providing centralization from one side, are lacking what Longenesis offers and has already validated with the industry worldwide – an ability to provide dynamic involvement of biomedical institutions and real-time identification of patient or/and participant groups aimed to engage these cohorts in prospective research, Real World Evidence (RWE) generation, providing personalization meanwhile preserving privacy and region-specific requirements.


  1. Can you briefly explain the process involved in manifesting this project to its full potential?

Sure. In a nutshell we create digital solutions for biomedical datasets and study candidate identification, end-to-end digitized consent management for study onboarding, and cohorts proactive engagement in research initiatives.

Longenesis' method.


Longenesis equips biomedical institutions with means for compliant data curation, study sponsor attraction, and facilitation of collaborative research, as well as helps to onboard and engage patient and population cohorts into prospective research.

  1. How do you envision the globally-connected world of medical research to be?

We envision all the stakeholders’ proactive involvement into the process of medical research, without any borders. The cadence realized in a form of slow collaboration cycles and fragmentation should be transformed into an ecosystem, where any stakeholder involved or who would like to be involved in the particular research, will be granted with such opportunity and provided with the tools to help automate and utilize the power of computing reaching the best result possible.

  1. Discussing health in 2020 requires addressing the elephant in the room. How can DLT (distributed ledger technology) help in such a crisis as Covid-19?

COVID-19 left a mark on a variety of industries, including ours. Within one month, we started from the Data Curation frameworks, allowing the faster cycles of partner identification and open research consortium creation, and ended up with population engagement modules, providing real-time risk stratification and involvement of participants in COVID-19 research within the National Research initiative in Latvia.

We have also utilized the DLT within the Consent Management toolkit in the scope of COVID-19 crisis. Our solution is being used for the clinical trials of COVID-19 Vaccine candidate and biobank frameworks, providing a real-time audit and logging of consent transactions within the set of research projects, whilst opening an opportunity to engage individuals in prospective studies.

  1. Apart from your work in uniting healthcare investors and the pharmaceutical world, you’ve conducted studies regarding Breast cancer multi-modal risk calculation. How does that work? is a web-based tool for proactive involvement of the population in breast cancer risk calculation. We wanted to revolutionize breast cancer pre-screening, improve early diagnostics and put women in charge of their own health and opportunities to participate in impactful research studies. We have just launched an epidemiological study in the Baltics, engaging 2000 women via the digitized tool for personalized risk assessment, and proactive engagement in the collaborative research of breast cancer.


Longenesis breast cancer self-examination monitor.


  1. What is the next step for Longenesis?

We have just launched a series of clinical studies, utilizing our in-house built tools for the execution of the research project and generation of insights. In parallel with that we are excited to see how our products are being developed and applied within the COVID-19 pandemic addressing framework. I think that an important milestone will be set right after the Pandemic crisis will calm – we would like to scale the solutions built as a rapid response of our team to a broader set of applications within the research disciplines.



Check out our latest videos below:

Check out our latest videos below:
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