Aug 17 / 2020
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{WATCH}“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver on Bitcoin Cash and Market Predictions

Roger Ver, Executive Chairman at and avid investor of Bitcoin, caught up with the AIBC Summit to discuss the latest bitcoin and bitcoin cash news.

“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver is one of the first Bitcoin investors and believes crypto is the world-wide currency of the future. He evokes his passion to the AIBC Summit saying: 

“For me the most interesting thing the entire time has been its empowered individuals to have complete control over their money where they don’t need permission from anybody else to do anything that’s peaceful. And that’s why I got involved originally, that’s why I’m still involved today and those are the tools that I want to see more people building”. 


Roger Ver / AIBC
“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver on Bitcoin Cash Whales & Market Manipulation.

Furthermore, in reference to privacy coins, Ver introduces the example of Cashfusion. This privacy-enhancing platform brings strong privacy to Bitcoin cash where one can pay to more than 100,000 locations online. Ver argues that this is a huge industry breakthrough given the colossal scale of locations.


In recent news, there have been reports hinting that Bitcoin Cash Whales may potentially leave the Bitcoin market for which they accounted for around 5% of cash holdings. If this is correct, Ver argues that Bitcoin cash will consequently be more decentralised; resulting in a more even distribution of bitcoin cash holders around the world. However, Ver believes the Whales could be loaning out Bitcoin cash instead. 


Regarding the paramount concept of spending or saving Bitcoin assets, Ver is a strong advocate for circulating Bitcoin cash as opposed to holding it: “If you take away [cryptocurrencies’] ability to be spent, you take away the incentive for people to want to hold them”. 


Excitement for the November 15th update for Bitcoin cash echoes with Roger Ver. The main adjustments being made will be the mining difficulty adjustment algorithm. Ver tells the AIBC Summit:

“This would smooth out the block time so that they’re 10 minutes on average whereas over the last couple of months here blocks can come very close together and they need space to part. That’s not as convenient for merchants or people trying to transact in commerce on top of Bitcoin cash”.


Moving forward, Ver shares some industry trends that caught his attention: “I think the stable coin market cap and usage around the world is getting bigger and bigger”. Specifically, Ver predicts a growth in Tether trades: “Tether, in most cases, has more volume than Bitcoin in terms of trade volume”. Ultimately, Roger Ver believes that in the future, sovereign states could issue their own digital currencies on the blockchain as opposed to a third party. 


Bitcoin cash / AIBC
Bitcoin cash could potentially become money for the entire world, Ver states.

Ver tells the AIBC Summit that: “I’m investing in Bitcoin cash today for the same reason I was investing in Bitcoin back in 2011. It could potentially become money for the entire world, it could go up a thousand times from where it is today”. 

Despite the unlikelihood of Bitcoin increasing in value the same way Bitcoin cash could, Ver urges people to have a diverse basket.

You can find out more about Bitcoin cash on our page here.

Overall, if one is looking to invest in cryptocurrency, Ver urges to adopt a long-horizon approach and avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. There’s “never a boring second” in the world of crypto, Ver jokes, and believes that it’s best to ride out the ups and downs. 

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