Apr 16 / 2019
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katy micallef
Posted by: Katy Micallef

Persistent threats lead Binance to delist Bitcoin SV

Binance delists Bitcoin SV after Craig Wright persisted with threats

A week of controversy around cryptocurrency creator, Craig Wright, has led Binance, the world’s largest crypto by reported volume, to delist Bitcoin SV (BSV). This exchange, which is to come into effects as of April 22nd, was announced mere days after Binance CEO, Changing Zhao (CZ) threatened to do so if Wright did not cease attacks on Twitter users who claim that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Craig Wright has been claiming that he is the creator of Bitcoin SV, however, his evidence is not being believed.

SiGMA iGaming Persistent threats lead Binance to delist Bitcoin SV
Craig Wright

In Binance’s announcement, the exchange says “we periodically review each digital asset we list to ensure that it continues to meet the high level of standard we expect,” whislt citing a number of factors it weighs.

On Twitter, Changing Zhao has stated that Wright is a fraud and that “the real Satoshi can digitally sign any message to prove it,” a simple process, he claims.

Meanwhile, Wright has sent legal cease-and-desist letters claiming he is not Satoshi to other individuals including Peter McCormack, host of “What Bitcoin Did” podcast.

Binance will continue to support BSV withdrawals up until July 22nd.
ShapeShift CEO and longtime crypto entrepreneur Erik Voorhees declared that his crypto-to-crypto exchange would make the same decision on delisting Bitcoin SV, for the very same reasons. “We stand with Binance and CZ’s sentiments,” Voorhees tweeted. He added that BSV will be removed from ShapeShift in 48 hours.

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