Aug 6 / 2019
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Posted by: Jools Moore

$14 million of TRON gambled every day

Use of crypto in casino sector increasing throughout 2019

More than $14 million worth of TRON (TRX) is gambled in decentralised casinos every day, as the cryptocurrency emerges as one of the world’s most popular gambling tokens.

According to research from, an average of US$14 million has been gambled in TRON across dozens of casinos

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This makes TRON the second most gambled cryptocurrency in the world, after Bitcoin but ahead of more established coins such as Ethereum, with more than $5 billion worth of TRON set to be gambled in 2019 alone.

At time of writing, TRON is the world’s 12th most valuable cryptocurrency, with a market capitalisation of around $1.5 billion.

A spokesperson for said: “TRON-based gambling has really taken off this year, with thousands of players wagering millions of dollars’ worth of TRON every single day.

“Most TRON casinos reward players with tokens, which pay out a percentage of the casino’s profits in the form of a dividend. This has created an active market for those looking to trade the most successful tokens.

“The wider gambling industry has not paid much attention to TRON gambling so far, but with annual betting volumes in the billions of dollars, it will not be long before we see some established names making moves into the TRON casino space.” is a recently-launched portal featuring news, reviews and bonuses from the world’s leading TRON casinos.

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