We are currently searching for the most promising crypto and blockchain Start-Ups. Please read all the details outlined here and feel free to apply promptly as spots are filling up fast.

Following a very successful run at the spring edition of Malta AI & Blockchain Summit, we’re going all out for November 2019. Just 10 Tech startups will be selected to showcase their products and initiatives throughout the event. Startups based in Blockchain, Quantum Tech, Big Data, and IoT are permitted to participate, being invited to lavish networking dinners as well as benefitting from online exposure. However, the Tech Startup pitch is only open to Tech startups and the judges’ top ten will make it to the pitch stage during the final leg of the Summit.  Expect the competition to be fierce with so many investors to impress!

Every selected Start Up will get to pitch live on our grand stage and face a Q&A session from the official jury members, savvy investors, and the audience. It is the participant’s choice whether to use all the allocated time for the pitch or to do a shorter version and leave a few minutes for the Q&A.


A few minute pitch on stage in front of the investor panel.
5 tickets to the conference

Invite to networking events

Our Malta AI & Blockchain Summit PR – magazines, website, email newsletters, interviews.


Each Startup has an allocated time to present their project including Q&A, during the main Summit.
Judging results will be a blend based on White Paper, Pitch Deck, Team & Advisers and mainly invest-ability.
The Top 10 projects selected by the judges will be invited to pitch on stage.


October 15 – Deadline for applications.
October 20 – Top applicants will be invited to pitch.
November 08 – Tech Startup Pitch (winners will be announced at the end of the conference).


Investors Award – the trophy for the 1st place based on the highest marks earned by the judges.


Will be based on business model, scalability & team criteria. Investors terms and liquidity criteria. Solution of the problem. Token Model and proceeds distribution.


Rob Charles
CEO / Entrepreneur building companies for over 25 years. Investor for over 16 years – Tech, Entertainment,
Commodities, Heavy Equipment, Oil and Gas, M&A, Real
Estate, Fashion.
2 x Pro Athlete
– Soccer – played for Bonner, S. C., in Bonn, West
Germany (1987-1988)
– Thai Boxing – Former WKA North American Champion,
#2 in the world (2006-2007)

Meet the JUDGES

Giovanni Casagrande
Growth Hacking & Marketing Advisor

I’m Giovanni Casagrande, a known name in the world of cryptocurrency. I’m an Italian who has well over 20 years in the marketing experience and the last 5 years in the cryptocurrency industry. I’m a writer, public speaker, investor and Marketing / Growth
Hacking advisor in a lot of projects. I am also an Economist from the University of Bologna, with a passion for marketing and growth hacking tactics for the development of different projects and programs. My passion has expanded in the cryptocurrency industry. This has seen me invest my talent and skill into being part of the team growing this industry. On this year I founded Blockchain, company help all ICO, STO and IEO to have success.

Drs Hans Koning

Drs. Koning has been in the forefront of nascent technologies for more than 25 years. Either as an advisor, investor, or as an observer, ever since the birth of internet he is committed to learn and guide new technologies in finding its way into society and businesses from the non-technical perspective. He finds it important what technology can do socially, economically and regulatory, rather than how it works. This resulted in a long track record of helping young companies grow and succeed in all corners of the world. He prides himself in having achieved a unique combination of hands-on experience from being involved in the blockchain world and crypto community for 5 years, and on the other hand academic research and insights from his research PhD he is currently pursuing. A veteran of more than 50 ICO’s, Koning is a master in the world of cryptocurrency and frontier investment.

Stephen Meade
Founder & Chairman

STEPHEN MEADE (Founder & Chairman of MonetaPro) is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor, and business executive passionate about creating world-changing companies. Known as “The BullsEye Guy”, Stephen created a system around being targeted, specific and focused, and has used this to create and build first-of-its-kind companies (including three Public Companies).

Ali Kassab
Chairman & CEO

Ali Kassab, a French National, is a self-made businessman and a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience across multinational cloud software companies and digital payment companies. His expertise lies in nurturing and building entrepreneurship ecosystems. He is an ICO Bench Blogger and has been awarded CEO of the year for his expertise in Digital Transformation by the Dubai Smart SMB Summit 2018 under the patronage of the Dubai Economic Department.

Mauro Andriotto

Mauro Andriotto is the Founder and Chairman of Andriotto Financial Services, a financial boutique specialized in crypto finance. He is internationally recognized as one of the leader in blockchain and Security Token Offering (STO). He is also the founder of the European Digital Assets Exchange EURO DAXX and an equity partner at SMC a Swiss family office.

Mauro Andriotto is a professor of Corporate Finance and Enterprise Risk Management at SDA Bocconi, University of Pisa and University of Genève – UBIS. He is an independent expert at the European Commission for Horizon 2020 (total funds €80 billion) where he approves public grants up to €2,5 mln for innovative and disruptive European projects. He is also the former quantitative leader at EY for the South Europe area.

He sits in different Advisory Boards around the world and he is author of scientific publications in finance and risk management.

Jason Luo

Jason Luo is a Chinese entrepreneur who has lived in Singapore and now is the Co-founder and Head of BD of BitForex, The world’s leading one-stop digital asset service platform, he is passionated about crypto and blockchain industry, with fruitful experience of crypto with blockchain industry also worked with many projects. Jason and BitForex team believe and willing to develop an revolutionary Crypto asset service platform.

Mark Hamade

Mark Hamade, Partner at Stealth; Speaker; VC;  Mentor; Advisor; Blockchain. Former PE Partner. Beat Wheel Chair, Stage 4 Cancer, 7x Surgery, -253lbs, USMC Veteran. Supporter of Planet, People and Women Entrepreneurs.

Mark Hamade is a Conscious Capitalist, meaning he passionately respects People, the Planet and Profitable enterprise, and believes that organizations have a responsibility to uphold all three Ps equally.  Strategic, visionary and innovative leadership.  Business acumen and a strong ability to create and execute a strategy that results in sustained financial health of the organization.

His career spans multiple industries, including renewable energy, enterprise software, industrial engineering and IT services. Mark is globally minded and globally well connected, having established offices in Mexico, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Far East. He maintains business connections in over 50 countries, including those with the wealthiest economies. He has raised/managed/assisted with over $300 million with 50% IRR.


2018 Winner

Rise is a science-driven software technology company and innovator of machine learning and algorithmic trading systems. Rise’s AI-powered trading technology puts the power of Wall Street’s best financial and quantitative analysts into the hands of everyday investors.

2018 Winner

Enterprise-focused, blockchain-based distributed computing platform, focused on AI, tapping into under-utilised computer resources globally.

2018 Winner

AEToken provides blockchain enabled secure payment solutions for the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliate marketing is the primary lead driver with various industries and AEToken revolutionizes these processes by eliminating the need for minimum payouts, reducing complaints with built in dispute resolution and minimizing fraud by utilizing smart contracts.

2018 Winner

GoMama allows users to transfer money, pay utility bills and top up mobile phones at a cost effective rate, by using Stellar’s blockchain.

2019 Winner